EnVest is a member driven community dedicated to accelerating investment into the Environmental Economy, where people live modern lives but the solutions and services they use respect the need for balance with our natural resources.  Our members are leading early stage environmental investors, funds, family offices and corporate investors.  By focusing on curation, capital, and community, we strive to reduce the friction required to deploy smart capital into the space, using our online platform and events to connect our members to each other, and to early stage opportunities that will be the future leaders of the Environmental Economy.

Members & Benefits

Each EnVest member must be actively deploying capital into Founder-Series B rounds in the Environmental Economy space. EnVest members, who are leading environmental VC funds, family offices, angel investors, and venture philanthropists, represent more than $10 billion in investable early stage capital.

EnVest Member Benefits are all designed to make deployment of capital into quality Environmental Economy opportunities easier.  This is accomplished year round by active sharing of ideas, news, resources, and deal discovery, review and syndication opportunities.  Each November our members gather to reconnect, plan EnVest’s future, and review 24-36 companies selected from member portfolio’s that we think will be game changing investment opportunities in the coming year.

Advisory Board

Ira Ehrenpreis, DBL Partners
Geoff Eisenberg, Ecosystem Integrity Fund
David Griest, SJF Ventures
Catha Groot, Radicle Impact
Jake Hanft, Schmidt Marine
Adrian Horotan, Safer Made
Danielle Joseph, Closed Loop Partners
Rob Kaplan
, Circulate Capital
Thomas Knowles, Gratitude Railroad

Larsen Mettler, S2G Oceans
Brock Mansfield, Salmon Innovation Fund
Mike Velings, Aquaspark
Marisa de Belloy, High Tide Foundation
Peter Bryant, The Builders Initiative
John Robinson, Mazarine

Ira Ehrenpreis, DBL Ventures
Geoff Eisenberg, Ecosystems Integrity Fund
David Griest, SJF Partners
Catha Groot, Radicle Impact
Jake Hanft, Schmidt Marine
Adrian Horotan, Safer Made
Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital
Thomas Knowles, Gratitude Railroad
Chris Larson, New Island Capital
Rob LeClerq, AgFunder
Brock Mansfield, Salmon Innovation Fund
Matt Mulrennan, Oceans X Prize
Jason Scott, Encourage Capital
Mike Veilings, Aquaspark
Kelly Wachowitz, Catch Invest



$1 billion+

Dollars raised by companies who have been selected to present at EnVest

3 to 1

Minimum ratio of environmental investors to presenting companies


Of the environmental companies have raised after presenting to member investors

$10 Billion

2030 goal for the total amount of curated early stage deals to accelerate the environmental economy




“EnVest is the best investor event out there in the climate space. We rely on it to meet a curated set of high-impact companies.”

Marisa de Belloy, Executive Director,  
High Tide Foundation – Catalyst Sponsor




Sponsorship Opportunities

EnVest is seeking sponsors – Seed, Impact, and Catalyst Levels – to support the event and the growth of the environmental economy.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Over 100X return for sponsor money invested into innovative environmental companies each year
  • Necessary community building for early stage environmental investing
  • Recognition in website, programming agenda, public relations, and signage
  • Introduce presenting companies in thematic investment rooms (Food and Agriculture etc.)
  • Year-round ‘first-look’ introductions with leading environmental companies

Sponsorship Inquiries



Investment: EnVest does not provide advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendation in connection with investment in any company or fund attending the event. EnVest does not make any warranty related to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of information provided by any company or fund. Investors must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment, including but not limited to legal, tax and investment advice.

COVID-19: By registering and attending any EnVest event,  you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where other people are present. By attending an event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and release liability for the event organizers, staff, and venues.