EnVest is an investor membership organization connecting top environmental investors with each other, and the most compelling environmental investment opportunities. We host invite-only events to accelerate the environmental economy to protect our planet, while generating returns for investors.

Member Investors

EnVest screens each member to ensure they are actively deploying capital  – namely Seed to Series B at $1-30M annually – into the environmental field. Members can attend the annual summit and investor salons throughout the year, as well as receive exclusive access to environmental deal flow. Our network with billions in assets under management include leading environmental VC funds, family offices, angel investors, and foundations. Our committed environmental investors:

Advisory Board

Ira Ehrenpreis, DBL Partners
Geoff Eisenberg, Ecosystem Integrity Fund
David Griest, SJF Ventures
Catha Groot, Radicle Impact
Jake Hanft, Schmidt Marine
Adrian Horotan, Safer Made
Danielle Joseph, Closed Loop Partners
Rob Kaplan
, Circulate Capital
Thomas Knowles, Gratitude Railroad

Chris Larson, New Island Capital
Rob LeClerc, AgFunder
Brock Mansfield, Salmon Innovation Fund
Mike Velings, Aquaspark
Marisa de Belloy, High Tide Foundation
Peter Bryant, The Builders Initiative
John Robinson, Mazarine

Ira Ehrenpreis, DBL Ventures
Geoff Eisenberg, Ecosystems Integrity Fund
David Griest, SJF Partners
Catha Groot, Radicle Impact
Jake Hanft, Schmidt Marine
Adrian Horotan, Safer Made
Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital
Thomas Knowles, Gratitude Railroad
Chris Larson, New Island Capital
Rob LeClerq, AgFunder
Brock Mansfield, Salmon Innovation Fund
Matt Mulrennan, Oceans X Prize
Jason Scott, Encourage Capital
Mike Veilings, Aquaspark
Kelly Wachowitz, Catch Invest

Investors: Request an Invitation to Attend

Our events and membership are designed by and for active environmental investors, fund managers, family foundations, and venture philanthropies – to meet a curated lineup of green startups. EnVest screens investor members to ensure they are actively deploying capital into environmental companies.

Entrepreneurs: Request to be a Presenting Company

Apply for Fall 2022. Presenting companies are vetted early stage environmental companies with a core technology or service providing clear sustainability benefits. Strong preference for previews to groups raising the following year. We take referrals from member investors, and an expert advisory board selects the finalists.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnVest?

EnVest is where the world’s leading environmental investors gather. Through an invitation-only format EnVest hosts intimate events to connect the best environmental investors with each other and the most compelling environmental companies and investment opportunities. The goal is to accelerate the environmental economy to help protect our planet, while generating returns for investors.

EnVest is built around key environmental economy segments. Both invited investors and presenting companies are selected based on their ability to impact: Energy & Transportation, Clean Air, Water, Climate, Fisheries & Oceans, and Waste & Circular Economy.

EnVest is a passionate, carefully curated ecosystem of the world’s leading environmental investors, start-ups, and philanthropists who believe in the power of entrepreneurship to revolutionize our protection of the environment.

The annual summit is meant to be an efficient way to deploy more capital into environmental companies and their innovations with the goal to generate at least $1 billion of early stage investing by 2030 through connections made at EnVest.

Where and when is EnVest?

The EnVest annual summit in 2022 is planned for November 17th in San Francisco, and we plan to host EnVest events each year until 2030 to accelerate the environmental economy. EnVest has been held four times, in 2017 in Seattle at the Rainier Club, in 2018 in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club, in 2020 virtually on Hopin, and in 2021 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. These events showed the EnVest network can drive significant early stage investment into environmental companies, and can succeed across multiple geographies, and virtually. Alongside the annual summit, we also host investor salons for member investors to get updates on the presenting companies, do deep learning on environmental investing topics, share new deals, and network between investors.

What does it cost to attend and become a member?

$1000 for investors - with early registration discounts
$250 for presenting companies - with financial hardship discounts

Ticket price includes attendance, receptions, and meals at the annual summit as well as year-round membership in EnVest including investor salons and access to environmental deal flow. Tickets are provided to investors and companies who are accepted and receive a request to attend, and seats are limited. EnVest can provide discounts to founders having any financial issues, and does not ask for equity in the presenting companies.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members attend the annual summit in November to see pitches from 36 top environmental companies and receive investing updates about alumni companies, invites to investor salons throughout the year to do deep learning on environmental investing topics, and make connections with other leading environmental investors. Member logos are recognized on the EnVest website.

Why is EnVest happening now?

The decade from 2020-2030 may be one of the most important in human history, as we need to transform our entire economy to help save our planet. Environmental entrepreneurs are needed more than ever, and EnVest brings them an incredible opportunity to pitch in front of an exclusive network to grow their innovations and companies. At the same time, environmental investors are constantly seeking good quality deal flow that has been vetted. EnVest is an efficient, action-oriented event that fosters these relationships to deploy the resources needed to protect the environment. Environmental investing is still a nascent field which needs community building, collaboration, and attracting more investors into the fold, so EnVest also hopes to help grow this field and empower this ecosystem.

What will make EnVest successful?

We define the success of EnVest in three ways:

  1. The amount of money invested into environmental opportunities as a direct result of EnVest;
  2. The number of investment opportunities that receive investment as a direct result of EnVest; and
  3. The number of member investors that return to EnVest in subsequent years.
What will happen at the EnVest annual summit?

The core of EnVest is an annual investment summit held each year in November. This efficient 24 hour event provides curated investment opportunities for investor members, broken down by asset class and subject. Companies, largely shared from member investor portfolios, pitch their ideas before programmed time for networking and any discussions on deals. The focus is on private asset classes including seed, venture, growth capital and private equity. On either side of the summit there are social events aimed at giving investors and management teams the chance to share ideas and ambitions around environmental investing.

Who leads EnVest?

In 2020 Matt Mulrennan became the CEO of EnVest. Prior to joining EnVest full time, Matt served on the Advisory Board for the 2017 and 2018 EnVest events, recommending and vetting ocean-based companies. Matt was the Director of the Ocean Initiative at the XPRIZE Foundation for six years working on fundraising, designing, and operating prizes for innovations that solve the ocean’s grand challenges. He also worked as a marine scientist at ocean conservation group Oceana, as a lab researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and as an advocate on congressional and environmental campaigns. He was one of 20 candidates nominated for the 2018 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award and was the Grand Prize winner of the Con X Tech Prize a prototyping competition for conservation technology. He is a public speaker and community builder, with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs, innovations, and investors working to preserve the environment. His work has been featured in various media outlets; Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, BBC, and National Geographic. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Miami University and a master’s in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego.

EnVest is also supported by its Co-Founders Brock Mansfield and Nancy Reid, a small Steering Committee, and a larger Advisory Board broken into vertical specific committees. The Advisory Board committees are filled by experts in their fields responsible for identifying, vetting, and preparing investment opportunities for their respective theme.


$300+ Million

Raised by presenting environmental companies via EnVest investor members and others

3 to 1

Minimum ratio of environmental investors to presenting companies


Of the environmental companies have raised after presenting to member investors

$1 Billion

2030 goal for the total amount of curated early stage deals to accelerate the environmental economy




“EnVest is the best investor event out there in the climate space. We rely on it to meet a curated set of high-impact companies.”

Marisa de Belloy, Executive Director,  
High Tide Foundation – Catalyst Sponsor





Sponsorship Opportunities

EnVest is seeking sponsors – Seed, Impact, and Catalyst Levels – to support the event and the growth of the environmental economy.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Over 100X return for sponsor money invested into innovative environmental companies each year
  • Necessary community building for early stage environmental investing
  • Recognition in website, programming agenda, public relations, and signage
  • Introduce presenting companies in thematic investment rooms (Food and Agriculture etc.)
  • Year-round ‘first-look’ introductions with leading environmental companies

Sponsorship Inquiries



Investment: EnVest does not provide advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendation in connection with investment in any company or fund attending the event. EnVest does not make any warranty related to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of information provided by any company or fund. Investors must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment, including but not limited to legal, tax and investment advice.

COVID-19: By registering and attending EnVest’s annual summit, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where other people are present. By attending the event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and release liability for the event organizers, staff, and venues.